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Pippo Pollina recently turned sixty, 40 of which have been spent artistically engaged in a career as a singer-songwriter of extraordinary passion and intensity, across most of Europe, with 24 albums and thousands of concerts to his credit. The musician from Palermo, who has made Central Europe his second home for over 30 years, celebrates this significant moment in his life and career by proposing, throughout 2024, a very intimate show, in solo, guitar, piano and voice, which in maturity seems to take on even more captivating colors and tones. It is a special concert full of meaning. On the one hand, it represents an authentic retrospective, with songs and stories, to retrace an artistic story that is truly out of the ordinary. Just as extraordinary was his ability to act as a bridge between Europe and his Italy, managing on several occasions to move his international audience in theaters of absolute prestige, such as the Arena di Verona, the Teatro Massimo in Palermo, the Auditorium in Rome in Italy, and then the Volkshaus and the Hallenstadion in Zurich, Konzerthaus in Vienna,  Alte Oper in Frankfurt and Philharmonie in Munich, Les Trois il Baudets in Paris, the Odessa and Kiev Philharmonies. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to look to the present and the future, including in the show's lineup many unreleased songs from his new and 25th album, to be released on January 10, 2024. Entitled "Nell'Attimo", with a clear melody, an effective dramaturgy and a verse that is now manifest and now cryptic, the album tells countless stories of women and men that Pollina has met in her life and art journey. Pippo Pollina, a multifaceted Sicilian musician, is recognized in the European singer-songwriter scene as one of the most creative and versatile artists of his genre. With 24 albums released under his own name, over the course of his 40-year career, performing in thousands of concerts he has performed on the stages of all German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), as well as France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Ukraine and of course Italy. The rich record production, the international tours and the prestigious collaborations place him in a position of great importance also for the continuity in his work. It is therefore difficult to summarize in a few lines such an intense and eventful life and artistic production. From his debut in Sicily with the popular music of Agricantus in '79, to his anti-mafia commitment as a young journalist collaborating with the periodical "I Siciliani" of the late Giuseppe Fava (assassinated by the mafia in 1984). From the subsequent farewell to Italy for a destination around the world, to street music, to the first concerts and the debut vinyl in '86. And then again: the artistic encounters that changed his life and musical collaborations at an international level, the first with the Swiss Linard Bardill, and then with the Germans Konstantin Wecker and the duo Schmidbauer & Kälberer, with the French chansonnier Georges Moustaki, the Chilean Inti Illimani, the Jazz singer Rebekka Bakken and the pianist and singer Celia Reggiani,  daughter of the great Serge. And among the Italians, with the unforgettable Franco Battiato and then again with Giorgio Conte, Nada, Etta Scollo and Peppe Voltarelli. Pollina has always stood out also for his strong narrative skills, thanks to which he produced and interpreted in 2007 "Ultimo Volo", the wonderful Civil Oration for Ustica, performed with great appreciation in Italy and then translated and proposed also in Switzerland, France (in Paris) and Germany, winning among other things the important peace prize of the city of Stuttgart. In all these years he has collected several awards also in Italy, for the quality of his artistic production and for his civil commitment: 'Music and Culture' award dedicated to Peppino Impastato in Cinisi, 'Lunezia Prize' in Massa Carrara, 'Archimede Award' in Syracuse, for his civil commitment at the MEI (Meeting Independent Labels) in Faenza, 'Don Pino Puglisi' award in Palermo,  'A House for Rino' award dedicated to Rino Gaetano in Crotone, Guest of Honour at the Tenco Award... just to name a few. Another great recognition was the honorary citizenship of Zurich, the city where he has lived for years, which allowed him to carry out a long international tour in 2009 accompanied by the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Zurich Conservatory (67 elements). 2023 sees the publication in Italy of his novel "L'Altro", already published in Switzerland and Germany, where it has already been reprinted twice, having sold about 15,000 copies to date, with a prestigious tour of presentations with more than 20 events between mid-November and mid-December in eleven regions, starting from northern Italy,  then crossing a large part of his Sicily and going up the peninsula again, with the participation of prestigious and prestigious exponents of Italian culture and journalism and readings by actresses and actors of value. In autumn 2023, concerts with the Palermo Acoustic Quintet continue in Italy and other European cities.


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