Under 30 Special Discount

FolkClub applies a discount of 50% on concert tickets to minors under 30!

The initiative is subject to the following rules and restrictions:

  1. The 'Under 30 Discount' is strictly reserved for people under 30 years of age;
  2. A valid identity document (Identity Card, Passport or Driving License) must be shown at the ticket office when purchasing the reduced ticket;
  3. The 'Under 30 Discount' does NOT apply to concerts with full tickets price less than € 15;
  4. The 'Under 30' discount and the entrance reservation to the concert are two totally different things.
    By booking, you just reserve the entrance to the concert, NOT the ticket (nor the Under30 discount). A person under 30 can book their entrance to the concert -if available- but cannot book the 'Under 30' discount. The possibility of applying the Under30 discount must in any case be verified when purchasing the ticket! (see Rule 5 and Rule 6)
  5. Tickets with the 'Under 30 Discount' are sold on the date of each concert, starting from the opening hours of the premises to the public, with the exception for particular events - which in any case are reported as such on their page of the site. The sale of 'Under 30 Discount' tickets takes place exclusively on the order of arrival at the ticket office, subject to availability of 'Under 30 Discount' tickets for each concert. Once the available 'Under 30 Discount' tickets have finished, the sale of the full fare tickets continues until the 'sold-out'.
  6. For each concert, a maximum number of 'Under 30 Discount' tickets is established by the Management, after which the 'Under 30 Discount' is no longer applicable. Except for special cases, however reported, the minimum number of 'Under 30 Discount' tickets for each concert is 15. NO DISPUTES ACCEPTED
  7. 'Under 30 Discount' tickets are not transferable to non-entitled parties except by integrating until the full fare ticket amount is reached.
WARNING! In case of reduced capacity of our premises due to force majeure (e.g. pandemic) the minimum number of reduced admission tickets for each concert is 5.