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The excellence of contemporary composition for guitar

During the past season we admired on our stage the amazing guitar technique of the British Jon Gomm... Here is back on our stage a guitarist, this time Italian, who -like Gomm- has radically innovated contemporary guitar technique, establishing a new compositional and executive frontier. It is no coincidence that Pino and Jon are great friends and have great respect for each other. After 30 years of career with various guitars in the "scabbard" (classical 6 and 10 strings, acoustic 6, 12 and 19 strings), 11 albums as a leader and numerous appearances in various compilations, with hundreds of concerts in the United States and Canada (The New York Guitar Festival; The Canadian Guitar Festival; International Guitar Night; Guitar Republic Trio tour USA and Canada; University of Milwaukee; Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society concert series; International Guitar Series, Grand Rapids; Detroit Institute of Art Museum), in Italy and Europe and throughout Japan, the composer and guitarist Pino Forastiere continues with determination his musical journey on the path of technical and compositional innovation. Curious, restless, lover of all great music (from baroque to rock) and deeply influenced by American music, generous on stage and introverted in the living room, avid consumer of art, Pino Forastiere continues in his instrumental and compositional experimentation, alternating solo projects and prestigious collaborations. Among the latest works stand out "20-22 – Concert for Expanded Guitar", a solo concert recorded with LAB Guitar and live electronics, and "Continuum", a performance of electroacoustic music with Antonio Monti (analog synthesizers) and Emanuele Di Giacomo (video art). The solo work of Pino Forastiere "Village Life", published in 2017 (top 50 Albums of Itunes Italia) was presented at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome as part of the "Guitar Heroes" festival; some songs from the album were used as the soundtrack of the Pulitzer Prize-winning US docufilm "The Wall" (2018). As a teacher, in addition to having held countless master-classes at various Italian and American institutes, Pino currently teaches at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. Already on our stage in October 2008 and with the fantastic project Guitar Republic (together with Sergio Altamura and Stefano Barone) in December 2011, elegant and generous on stage, Pino is an incredible performer who enchants with his compositions, recognized as the most "noble" part of the contemporary acoustic scene. At FolkClub Pino will present some excerpts from the latest electroacoustic work "20-22 Concert for Expanded Guitar", and other pieces from the repertoire updated for his new instrument, a 19-string guitar (LAB Guitar). In the lineup the melodies of "Fase 1" and "Caos Calmo", the reinterpretations of folk dances of "Tibur Tango" and "Danza Forastiera", the fireworks of "Dominic". A storm of analog sounds that will alternate with the balanced electronic incursions of the music of "20-22", to make you discover new possible scenarios of guitar composition.
"It employs a dazzling blend of slapping, tapping, strumming, harmonics and altered tunings, combined with classical phrasing and a focus on distinct and engaging melodies" (Guitar Player)
"His music is something like a mix of Steve Reich's interlocking rhythm patterns that meet Michael Hedges techniques, all while admiring Eddie van Halen" (New Sounds,  WNYC)
"Pino approaches the guitar like a drum with strings" (Classical Guitar Magazine)
"Forastiere's technique is futuristic and his musical sensibility is visionary" (Chitarre)
"Each composition is a unique journey of impeccable technique and melodic invention. Pino Forastiere is a guitar scientist, but a scientist with a soul" (
"This is the music of a genius that will make you passionate about Music again" (Minor
"Prepare to be transported to another dimension" (Jam Magazine)

The concert has a precious didactical appendix with the acoustic guitar stage which will be held at FolkClub
- Saturday 02 December 2023
- from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 2.30pm to 5.30pm (6 hrs)
- cost per participant: €50.

NB: Places are limited! For information and registration, contact the FolkClub offices by MONDAY 27 NOVEMBER by writing an email to with the subject "Workshop Forastiere".

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