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Naviganti e Sognatori present the new CD "Mare Aperto"

Luca Falomi: guitar
Alessandro Turchet: bass
Max Trabucco: drum
Daniele Di Bonaventura: bandoneon
The juxtaposition of travel and dream has always been in the collective imagination. The dream is an unpredictable and symbolic path, the journey is a dreamlike drift granted to our being sedentary creatures, to reveal what is hidden beyond the horizon, tell its secrets and narrate the adventures of the journey (because after all -as it has been written and said- the deep meaning of every journey lies in the journey itself); Being able to preserve, if not their treasures, at least their memory, in the story, can be a reason for strong union, empathy, confrontation. These are the themes of the project conceived by Luca Falomi, guitarist from Genoa, Alessandro Turchet, bassist from Friuli, and Max Trabucco, drummer and percussionist from Treviso. With their dreamlike project they tell us an interweaving of stories hidden in the salty and elusive reflections of maritime Italy, those stories that survive in a melodic line, in a heartfelt song, in a few lines of words that other dreams and other sailors have superimposed... After the success of the first album "Naviganti e Sognatori", the three musicians will present the second chapter of the project, published by the prestigious label Abeat Records and entitled "Mare Aperto", at FolkClub. A new story in music, an adventure that the three artists wanted to narrate accompanied by the bandoneonist Daniele di Bonaventura (already a guest on the first album) and the enchanting voice of Maria Pia de Vito. "Mare Aperto" tells the story of the present but does so with an eye to the past and the musical tradition of Italian seaside towns. Original music and lyrics are interspersed with reinterpretations of popular songs: "E vui durmiti ancora" (Sicilian song) and "La bella noeva" (Ligurian folk tune) come back to life thanks to visionary arrangements that veer towards jazz, world music and avant-garde music. A bewitching musical kaleidoscope made with grace, passion and elegance.
"We can only appreciate this album of great clarity, of great feeling, of pleasant harmonies on which to reflect and let go." (Roma in Jazz)
"The songs that make up "Navigators and Dreamers" tell everything, desires and farewells, loves and sorrows. All this not only through new compositions but also by re-proposing ancient popular songs that have traveled on the sea for a long time before becoming everyone's heritage." (Off topic Magazine)
"A journey in the Mediterranean following the subtle that holds together the real and the imaginary, the physical and the dreamlike. An evocative journey through sounds and atmospheres, full of suggestions and influences that mix between East and West. [..] All this, however, filtered by a common feeling and sensibility, between folk, jazz and popular traditions reinterpreted with absolutely current taste. A great little record, one of those that reconcile you with life." (Jazz Music)
"[..] A precious work for the high quality of the music and the musicians, where jazz is there but travels in the same class as popular music, Mediterranean melodies and those from overseas." (Musical)
Luca Falomi took his first steps in music when he was only six years old. Parallel to the academic study of classical guitar, he deepens jazz and improvisation by also participating in masterclasses with international artists and experiments with electric and acoustic stringed instruments (including ethnic ones) trying his hand at projects of different musical genres: jazz, world music, author's music, experimental and contemporary music. In 2011 he released his first album "Viens Voir", followed in 2014 by "Sober". He also gave life to the project and the homonymous album "Esperanto" with Riccardo Barbera and Rodolfo Cervetto, and to the MotusLaevus project with which he released the album "Y" for the Felmay label. In 2021, the projects Naviganti e Sognatori and Pagine Vere Trio come to life with Giovanni Ceccarelli, Michela Lombardi, Petra Magoni, Ferruccio Spinetti, Dadi Carvalho and Stephane Casalta. As a guitarist, arranger and composer he participates in various recording projects, tours and theatrical projects collaborating with: Esperanto, Franca Masu, Petra Magoni, Ferruccio Spinetti, Anna Oxa, Javier Girotto, Daniele Di Bonaventura, Max De Aloe, David Clayton, Francesco Baccini, Hannah Scott, Fausto Beccalossi, Edmondo Romano, Tina Omerzo, Alberto Fortis, Elisabetta Pozzi, Lukas Mantel, William Naraine, Marco Fadda,  Giovanni Ceccarelli, Michela Lombardi, Mario Arcari, Gino Paoli, Al Schmitt, Riccardo Barbera, Andrea Celeste, Roberto Freak Antoni, Armando Corsi, Stephane Casalta, Nicola Stilo, Max Manfredi, Roberta Alloisio.
Alessandro Turchet. Double bass player and bass player with a very solid academic background in both classical and jazz music, he has been working as a musician and music teacher since 2000. He has contributed to over 100 recordings, collaborating with Massimo De Mattia, Bruno Cesselli, Lorena Favot, Gaetano Valli and U.T. Gandhi among others, and is present in the soundtracks of various films including "Easy – Un viaggio Facile" by Andrea Magnani, "Sangre en la boca" by Herman Belon, "Dancing with Maria" by Ivan Gergolet,  "L’ultima ruota del carro" by Giovanni Veronesi, "Cuccioli – il codice di Marco Polo" by Sergio Manfio.
Max Trabucco. Drummer and percussionist with an academic background, in 2014 he saw his biography included by the journalist and music critic Flavio Caprera in the "Dizionario del Jazz Italiano" published by Feltrinelli. In 2016 he was selected by Veneto Jazz as a 'Young Talent of Italian Jazz'. In 2017 Amedeo Furfaro presents in his book "Il giro del jazz in (altri) 80 dischi" the album "Racconti di una notte", Trabucco's first publication as a leader, inserting it among the eighty most significant records of the last ten years. Over the years, it has won numerous national awards and recognitions, including, in 2019, the National 'Vette e dopo' call. In the following year he won the national competition 'Open Orchestra, the chironomic conduction'. In 2021 he joined the National Jazz Orchestra Young Talents directed by Maestro Paolo Damiani, playing in the most prestigious Italian and foreign festivals. He has collaborated with numerous internationally renowned musicians such as: Liliano Mille, Klaus Gesing, Francois Corneloup, Paolo Damiani, Daniele Roccato, Daniele di Bonaventura, Tullio de Piscopo, Zoran Majstorovic, Lanfranco Malaguti, Nicola Fazzini, Alessandro Fedrigo, Michele Polga, All Schmitt, Steve Genewick, and many others. In addition to having taken part in numerous record publications, he has also published various teaching methods dedicated to the study of drums.
Daniele Di Bonaventura. Born in Fermo, in the Marche region, composer-arranger, pianist-bandoneonist, since the beginning of his activity he has cultivated a strong interest in improvised music despite having a classical training (diploma in Composition) that began at the age of 8 with the study of piano, cello, composition and orchestral conducting. His collaborations range from classical to contemporary music, from jazz to tango, from ethnic music to world music, with incursions into the world of theater, cinema and dance. He has played in the main Italian and international festivals, performing in the world's greatest music venues, from the Town Hall in New York to the Sala Pleyel in Paris. He has played, recorded and collaborated with, among others: Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Stefano Bollani, Rita Marcotulli, David Liebman, Toots Tielemans, Omar Sosa, Ira Coleman, Dino Saluzzi, Javier Girotto, Cèsar Stroscio, Tenores di Bitti, Aires Tango, Peppe Servillo, David Riondino, Francesco Guccini, Sergio Cammariere, Lella Costa, Ornella Vanoni, Franco Califano, Alessandro Haber, Giuseppe Battiston, Custòdio Castelo,  Furio Di Castri, U.T. Gandhi, Guinga, Mathias Eick and Jaques Morelembaum. In 2003 he composed, performed and recorded the "Suite per Bandoneon e Orchestra" for the Marche Philharmonic Orchestra. He has released more than 90 albums with various record labels. His most recent collaborations are with Miroslav Vitous, who called him to participate in his latest CD entitled "Universal Syncopation II" (winner of the German Critics Prize as album of the year, published by the prestigious German label ECM). Also for ECM, he published his latest work entitled "Mistico Mediterraneo", a work shared with the Corsican vocal group A Filetta and Paolo Fresu. In 2013 he released his first double album entitled "Nadir" for Fresu's Tuk Music. In 2014 he collaborated on the soundtrack of the film "Tornernranno i prati" directed by Ermanno Olmi. In March 2015, again for ECM, he released the CD in duo with Fresu "In Maggiore" and at the same time the documentary film "Figure musicali in fuga" by director Fabrizio Ferraro, in which the two musicians are portrayed during the recording session in Lugano together with Manfred Eicher.

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