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In search of the lost feeling

Concerto for voice and piano
A naked and raw concert. Without mediation. Face to face with the feelings and emotions felt when the songs were written. To relive them translated over time, in a ladder that leads Mimmo to remodulate his most intimate feeling. A direct comparison between what was yesterday with what is today. In this passage the physical relationship with the piano is the absolute co-protagonist, it is amplified and exalted to the point of contaminating the viewer, dragging him into a moment of choral perfusion and exchange. Mimmo is certainly one of the most authoritative exponents of Italian songwriting. He was born in Penne, Abruzzo, in 1949. At the end of the sixties, after experiences with beat and rock bands, he approached folk and folk-rock music thanks to the attendance with European and American musicians met in Perugia, where he studied Medicine. In 1971 he moved to Rome and joined the cast of Folkstudio, where Antonello Venditti and Francesco De Gregori also took their first steps. In 1975 his first album ("Non resta là") was released for the Folkstudio label, followed by many others over the years ("Quattro canzoni di M.L.", "Intorno a trentanni" and "Sognadoro", produced by De Gregori). From 1981 to 1983 Locasciulli collaborated assiduously with Francesco De Gregori accompanying him on the piano in the famous "Tournée del pulmino" of 1981, in the subsequent tour of "Titanic" and contributing, on piano and keyboards, to the realization of the albums "Titanic" and "La donna cannone". In 1985 he participated in the Sanremo Festival among the Big with the song "Buona Fortuna". In the summer of the same year he released a live album with Enrico Ruggeri as a guest. For the occasion, the two wrote, sang and recorded the song "Confusi in un playback", from which both the album and the successful subsequent theatrical tour will take the title. In 1987 Mimmo opened the concert of Tom Waits on the occasion of the Tenco Prize awarded to the Californian singer-songwriter, interpreting together with Ruggeri the Italian version of "Foreign affair". A relationship of friendship and collaboration is born with Greg Cohen, who is Tom Waits' musical director and double bass player (as well as brother-in-law); a partnership that led to the creation of four albums by Mimmo ("Adesso glielo dico", "Tango dietro l'angolo", "Delitti perfetti", and "Uomini"), with the contribution of Italian and American musicians (including Marc Ribot, The Uptown Horns, Lenny Pickett, Michael Blair, Charlie Giordano, Willie Schwarz) and eight tours in Italy and Europe between 1989 and 1995. In 1992 Mimmo composed the music for the play "Jack lo sventratore" by Vittorio Franceschi, premiered at the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto. In 1994 he composed the entire soundtrack of the film by Enzo Monteleone "La vera vita di Antonio H.", starring Alessandro Haber, awarded at the Venice Film Festival of the same year. In 1998 sees the light "Il Futuro", album of covers, tribute to the greatest contemporary rock composers. In 2006 he released his 16th album, "Sglobal", co-produced by Greg Cohen, made between Rome and New York with the participation of some important guest artists: Frankie Hi-Nrg, Alex Britti, Stefano Di Battista and Marc Ribot. In 2007 Mimmo was invited by Franco Lucà, his great friend and admirer, to participate -together with Teresa De Sio and Gianmaria Testa- in the exhibition he conceived "Libri Cantati", composing the music on some poems by Leonard Cohen, translated by himself. From that experience comes in 2009 the 17th album of Mimmo, "Idra". Produced by Cohen, Locasciulli and his son Matteo, recorded between Rome and New York, the album is embellished by the participation of exceptional musicians such as Marc Ribot, Joey Baron, Stefano di Battista and Gabriele Mirabassi. In 2016 Locasciulli celebrates forty years of recording activity with a double album containing many of his most famous songs along with others that, over the years, have characterized his artistic career. In 2018 is the release of "Cenere", an album of unreleased songs recorded in the Alba Musique studios (Paris) and Hobo Recording (Rome), with the production and arrangements of Mimmo and Matteo Locasciulli and the presence of Enrico Ruggeri, co-author of a song, and Pacifico, author of the text of "Amnesia di un momento", as well as Fabrizio Bosso and Awa Ly,  young French-Senegalese singer; the album contains the entire artistic career of Mimmo: from the first folk experiences to singer-songwriter rock-pop, from trespassing into electronics to diving into blues and jazz. In May 2022 he released the album "Intorno a trent'anni revisited" which sees the participation of Eugenio Finardi, Brunori Sas, Stefano Di Battista and Setak. The album closes with the unpublished "Buonanotte dalla Luna", which wants to be a reflection of comparison of our time with the experience of thirty-year-old Mimmo and with the basic mutations that took place in this long epochal passage. A great friend is back!


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