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Domani si vive e si muore
the unpublished songs by Michele Straniero

Michele Gazich: voice, violin, piano
Federico Sirianni: voice, guitar, piano
Marco Lamberti: guitars, bouzouki, bass, piano

Michele Luciano Straniero, inventor of the legendary Cantacronache, FolkClub founder together with Franco Lucà and effective founding father of Italian songwriting, comes back to life through a series of unpublished writings set to music and sung by Michele Gazich and Federico Sirianni, on the idea of his nephew Giovanni who has found texts and poems never published until now. These are different words from those we are used to when we think of the great story of Cantacronache, which put aside the political-social invective to focus on a personal feeling that is reflective, painful, sometimes ironic and sometimes moving. Gazich and Sirianni have put their hands on these writings with care and attention, making them real songs: eight texts by Straniero and two songs inspired by him, which make up a mosaic of deep humanity and commitment, faithful and respectful and which, if conceptually differ substantially from the Cantacronache style, at the level of musical production maintain the essential and acoustic taste that characterized that great adventure and which remains reproduced,  as in the album, during the live presentations. In the album, entirely played by Gazich and Sirianni with the collaboration of Marco "Tibu" Lamberti, recorded at the historic Transeuropa Recording studio in Turin by Fabrizio "Cit" Chiapello and published by Valter Colle for Nota Editrice, there are the interventions of numerous guests who have gladly accepted to participate in the project: from Moni Ovadia to Fausto Amodei, from Gualtiero Bertelli to Giovanna Marini and then Maurizio Bettelli, Andrea Del Favero, Giovanna Famulari, Alessio Lega, Paolo Lucà, Giangilberto Monti and Giovanni Straniero. It is therefore not a resurrected Michele Straniero for the philologists of the song, here music and lyrics Famulari, powerful, brazen, unforgivable, urgent. Here there is no time for circumlocutions, because... "tomorrow we live and we die".
Michele Gazich is a musician, poet, artistic producer, composer, songwriter, and a long-time friend of the FolkClub. He has been working professionally in music since the early nineties: tours in Italy, Europe and the USA, collaborations with Italian and European singer-songwriters and American singer-songwriters (Michelle Shocked, Mary Gauthier, Eric Andersen and Mark Olson); Orchestras; Theatre; poets' performances; film soundtracks; Italian and foreign universities and conservatories. More than 50 albums recorded and 11 under his name. Guest at the Spanish Senate, 2015; finalist at the Tenco Prize, 2017; Grammy Award nomination (with Mary Gauthier), 2019.
Federico Sirianni, a very young guest at the Tenco Festival, won the Critics' Prize at the Musicultura Festival in Recanati, the Bindi Prize, the Lunezia Doc Award, the City of Quiliano Prize for Author Music and received the Special Mention of Club Tenco for the event "Music against the mafias". He has released five albums, the last of which "Maqroll" was among the five finalists of the Targa Tenco 2022 in the category "Best Album of the Year".


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