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'Terra senza terra'

llaria Pilar Patassini: voce
Federico Ferrandina: chitarra classica e elettrica
Singer, performer and songwriter, classical music, world music, jazz, song theatre and songwriting converge in her world, all at the service of an original, free, strong and unconventional poetics. Her latest album "Terra senza Terra", released in Spring 2023, contains modern, original and conscious songwriting. A boat that touches many ports without stopping at any, with a route that goes in the direction of the happy claim of a vast containment of multitudes. A poetic and musical manifesto that gives voice to the multifaceted gaze of the artist, who moves from self-analysis to the story of everyday life, where Ilaria smells and follows the winds of change, in an ideal axis that unites personal events with those of her time. She has five albums to her credit ("Ilaria y el mar" - 2021; "Luna in Ariete" - 2019; "L'amore è dove vivo" - 2015; "Sartoria Italiana Fuori Catalogo" - 2011; "Femminile Singolare" - 2007). Parallel to her activity as a singer-songwriter, she carries out important projects as a performer. She currently collaborates with Geoff Westley, Peppe Servillo, the bandoneonist Daniele di Bonaventura, the writer and journalist Antonio Iovane, the pianist Roberto Tarenzi. In 2022 she was a guest of the Fabrizio De Andrè Prize and the Musicultura Festival. The following have written for her and with her: Bungaro, Joe Barbieri, Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi, Pacifico, Sandro Luporini, Franco Piana, the writer Fabio Stassi. Trained as a stray and academic – she graduated from the Conservatory in Singing and Chamber Vocal Repertoires – her path has always been intertwined with world music, jazz, songwriting, cultured music, theater, and words. She is the female soloist of the projects "De Andrè Sinfonico" (together with Peppe Servillo), "Friends in Argentina" and "Sulle Tracce della Nouvelle vague" by the British composer, conductor and arranger Geoff Westley. From 2014 to 2019 she collaborated with Canadian guitarist and composer Michael Occhipinti as a soloist in the ensemble The Sicilian Jazz Project which sees her as a guest together with the American clarinetist Don Byron. Always in love with radio, she collaborates as an author, radio speaker and singer with the Rete2 of the Italian Swiss Radio (RSI) for which she has written and conducted programs such as "Canzoni in girotondo", "Se io fossi un Angelo", "Canzoni e Contorni", "Voce d'autore", the special "Caterina fa 90...!" (for Caterina Valente's 90th birthday). From 2005 to 2010 she was the winner and finalist of many national and international competitions related to songwriting and interpretation (Musicultura, Tenco Prize, Lunezia Prize, Bindi Prize, Bianca d'Aponte Prize, Pjesma Mediterana, L'Artista che non c'era Award). Since 2015 she has been teaching Italian and international songwriting at the Officina Pasolini Academy of Higher Education in Rome. She has held Masterclasses in Italy and Canada at Humber College and Selkirk College. She sings in 6 different languages, loves the month of September, the roots of centuries-old olive trees, the bow of sailboats, the scent of oregano and the Mediterranean skies. Affiliated of the islands and the sea, she lives between Rome, Alghero and the airports gates.

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