Entrance: 25.00€
Young under 30: 13€ (discount rules)


Price: 5.00€


"Parole e Musica"

Marlene Kuntz frontman 'face to face' with the public.
(with Alberto Campo - La Repubblica)

For over a decade, parallel to his activity as frontman of Marlene Kuntz, a 'cult' band of Italian Alt-Rock, Cristiano occasionally appears in a solo show entitled "Parole e Musica". Indispensable on these occasions the presence in the room of a privileged interlocutor, a sort of 'voice-over' (on this occasion it will be Alberto Campo, seasoned music journalist for the newspaper La Repubblica) who leads the singer through an articulated chat, retracing the most salient phases of his career with forays into the musical and literary world, and who reveals to those present who Cristiano Godano is, laying it bare. A nudity that reveals even more the beauty of words and music. An elegant concert, which has its roots in the scratch of the past, sewing on him a new tailor-made suit; An acoustic show, confidential, of great intensity and intimacy, during which questions and answers alternate with the music played and sung. The most important songs, but also space for events and curiosities concerning his life and career. Cristiano revisits his poetic and musical language in an intimate and essential key, voice and guitar, illustrating 'without parachute' and 'without safety net' his multifaceted and unique artistic history, deepening with great awareness themes full of meanings and giving the right weight to every word. An exciting tour, which has in the lineup the milestones of the over thirty-year repertoire of Marlene Kuntz but also the pieces of her first solo album, "Mi ero perso il cuore", published at the end of June 2021 and co-produced with Gianni Maroccolo and Luca Rossi (Üstmamò), characterized by folk and alternative country sounds, in which Godano explores the sounds of rural America and researches new poetic solutions.

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