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Another amazing acoustic guitarist on our stage!

Concerto for voice and piano Raised in a family with deep roots in bluegrass and Irish music, it was thanks to the meeting with John Renbourn in 1998 that this precocious and brilliant acoustic guitarist found the impetus to release his first solo CD, "Sixth Sense", warmed by English critics who welcomed it as "a milestone in the journey of acoustic guitar". Renbourn, in 2000, wanted him for two consecutive years as a supporter on his world tour, which consecrated Clive as an extraordinary guitarist capable of offering very fine performances capable of creating warm and engaging atmospheres. Clive graduated with honors in composition from Trinity College London and plays with great skill and intensity practically everything: from traditional Irish music to classical, folk, blues. Gifted with an extraordinary touch and an almost unrivalled technique, he relies heavily on his musical sensibility and splendid original compositions. His style, unmistakable and original, is made up of bends and glissatis, of fast ligatures performed with the left hand as well as very fast triplets played with the right hand, linked above all to his musical background (Clive is from an Irish family). A protégé of John Renbourn (and that really means a lot!), he started out playing the banjo, then the electric guitar, and his influences include Bela Bartok, Steve Reich, traditional Romanian music and Benjamin Britten. His musical experiences are of a high level and among the most diverse, as Clive himself states: "... I just finished writing the music for Driving Lessons, a Jeremy Brock movie with Rupert Grint, you know, that red-haired boy from the Harry Potter movies, who in this case is the protagonist along with Julie Walters, a famous English actress; I wrote all the music with John Renbourn, a chamber ensemble score with acoustic guitars leading the themes." The musical variety of his performances is remarkable and is combined with a very clear, complete and stylistically varied technique, but without forcing, expressed with great fluency and naturalness. At the same time, Clive proves to be endowed with a strong communicative and expressive ability, with a strong charge of sympathy: each of his concerts is certainly an experience not to be missed. He is now one of the most sought-after guitar performers in the world and his fame is destined to grow more and more, as evidenced by artists such as Tommy Emmanuel, who often shares festivals and tours with him. In September 2023, his new double CD "The Abbot - Clive Carroll plays the music of John Renbourn" was released.

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