Entrance: 25.00€
Young under 30: 13€ (discount rules)


Price: 5.00€


Cisco: vocals, acoustic guitar, bodhran
Alberto Cottica: accordion
Giovanni Rubbiani: acoustic guitar
Massimo Giuntini: bouzouki, banjo, uilleann pipes, flute
Stefano Cisco Bellotti, Giovanni Rubbiani and Alberto Cottica started playing together in 1992, when Modena City Ramblers were taking their first steps. Together they recorded 5 records, selling several hundred thousand copies and playing hundreds of concerts in Italy and abroad. In the early years of the twenty-first century, at different times, everyone left the band to devote themselves to other musical and work projects. In 2010 they found themselves on stage for the "40 years" tour, from which the homonymous live CD was taken. At the end of 2016, 17 years after their last album together in the Ramblers ("Fuori Campo" of 1999), the three publish "I Dinosauri", a disc of 10 unreleased songs financed with a very participated crowdfunding campaign, followed by a 'sold-out' theatrical tour that also touches the FolkClub. It is a folk, sparse and essential record: voice, bodhran, acoustic guitar, accordion, to which are added the pipe and bouzouki of Massimo Giuntini and the percussion of Arcangelo Kaba Cavazzuti, again in the role of musician and artistic producer of the album. It is, right from the title, a declaration of intent: an ancient CD, son of another era, far from the sound of radio or talent. It tells the stories of a generation that grew up in a Mesozoic where people phoned with tokens, walked around without satellite navigators and talked without chatting. Events, politics, travels, loves, illusions and disappointments, children, gray beards: "I DInosauri" is a way to retrace the thread of memory, to sum up what has been and what could have been. It is a record of growth, individual and collective. Six years after that very successful tour, the Dinosaurs (Cisco, Giovanni and Alberto) return to the stage for an acoustic tour, in the company of Massimo Giuntini - who for years has shared with them the adventure in the Ramblers. The lineup of the concert will range from the classical repertoire of Modena City Ramblers to the songs of Cisco, to those of Dinosauri, with the addition of an unpublished song, written specifically for this tour. It is a precious opportunity to strengthen a friendship over thirty years and to retrace, instruments in hand, a long and exciting musical career.

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