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Alice Howe: guitar, voice
Freebo: bass, guitar, voiceHowe and Freebo present a unique and original project, which brings together an icon of music "made in the U.S.A." and a talented newcomer. Each, taken individually, is a convincing performer; Together, they direct and support each other wonderfully, setting up well-conceived pieces, full of impeccable harmonies and tasteful arrangements. Originally from Boston and now based in Los Angeles, an emerging voice of modern folk, when Alice Howe released her debut album "Visions" the critics went wild. His music is a declaration of love to 60s and 70s folk and timeless blues. To listen to Alice Howe is to be enraptured by the natural and unaltered beauty of her voice. There is no artifice, there is no histrionics: only an honest, authentic, disruptive, emotionally resonant singing in the tradition of 'roots' music that has shaped it. Produced by Freebo and recorded in Bakersfield, with an all-star cast of musicians, "Visions" juxtaposes original songs with interpretations of iconic songs from his family's extensive record collection. On "Circumstance," her second album, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter guitarist showcases her vocal prowess and introspective writing in all its glory, delving into both her heart and her musical tastes, offering a deep and personal journey through an American soundscape dotted with blues, folk, country, soul and rock. Freebo is a true icon of folk, rock and blues, with over 40 years of recording and touring experience and having shared the stage for a decade with Bonnie Raitt, alongside the likes of Ringo Starr, Neil Young, John Mayall, Dr. John, Maria Muldaur and more. One of the most acclaimed songwriters of his generation, Freebo is an award-winning and finalist in numerous songwriting competitions, including Best Folk Artist at the 2007 Los Angeles Music Awards. He has also appeared on 'Saturday Night Live', 'The Muppet Show', 'The Midnight Special' and in concert with the legendary band Spinal Tap. Produced and arranged by Freebo, recorded in two sessions at the legendary Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, where Etta James and Wilson Pickett rocked the walls, "Circumstance" channels their spirits with 11 emotionally charged tracks. Like an ancient soul encased in the body of a 30-year-old millennial, Alice confidently marks her imprint on the venerable founding strands of Americana, with standout tracks that evoke both classic singer-songwriters and seminal music that once resonated in the ether, roadhouses, and juke joints. "Circumstance" follows her two debut albums ("Visions" in 2019 and the previous EP "You've Been Away So Long"), which led Alice to be considered a real rising star in the folk world. Now he's building on that success, expanding his horizons, and continuing along the path he started long ago in Newton, Massachusetts.

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