RadioLondra presents: ZIROBOP


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Presentation of the brand new album "Ten Past Never"

In recent years, thanks to RadioLondra, Enzo Zirilli has brought dozens of extraordinary artists on FolkClub's stage, in many projects consolidated in the British capital (where he lived from 2004 until 2019) and witnessed by dozens of live and recordings or built for the occasion with the involvement of Italian musicians. In November 2014, for the first time, Enzo presented within RadioLondra a project markedly and totally his, starting with the name: ZiroBop. Since then, the quartet has come a long way, stopped only by the pandemic. Its fame in the United Kingdom has grown thanks to many concerts in the most important clubs in the country, first of all the legendary Ronnie Scott, where the quartet has earned the honor of sharing the stage with the bands of the legendary Steve Gadd and Roy Haynes, as well as having recorded and released two albums immediately enthusiastically welcomed by critics and audiences. After the resounding success of the Zirobop concert at the end of the last edition of RadioLondra, the artistic project that has the name of its 'nickname' of its polyerdic and versatile creator returns to our stage, to present us his third, brand new album "Ten Past Never". Given his particular involvement in the project, it seems to us there is no better choice than to leave the presentation of the evening to the words of Enzo: "Among my many nicknames, Ziro is the one I am most fond of, coined by my 'human and art brother' Dado Moroni. I like the idea of the game between the first three letters of my surname and the 'zero' and reflects well my artistic soul, always straddling 'Blues & Roots' (of mingusian memory) and research, not convention, rigor, risk and provocation, having formed myself listening at home at the same time, John Coltrane and the Beatles, Miles, Mingus and Genesis,  Pink Floyd and Yes, Jimi Hendrix, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Simon & Garfunkel and Joao Gilberto, Jobim, Frank Zappa and James Taylor, without asking me what music they played, but simply enjoying it. Here, as soon as I heard these extraordinary guys play (Rob, Misha and Alessandro) I realized that we could play together the music I really want to do: spiritual but also groovy, which has its roots in the blues and swings as much as possible but at the same time remains completely open to anything that may happen in a certain 'moment',  that it is romantic, but also 'subversive', 'straight' but 'broken', without this causing problems of identity crisis for musicians, too often more worried about labels than the sincerity and intensity with which they offer themselves to the public. ZiroBop is all this and I hope that for you it will be a nice journey to the center of Music, as it always is for us!" (Enzo Zirilli)
Nothing to add to such a heartfelt and passionate self-presentation, if not some biographical notes on the members of the quartet that even includes a double son of art like Misha Mullov Abbado.
Enzo Zirilli is considered one of the most creative and versatile drummers/percussionists of the last generations. Endowed with a great musicality, which has led him to absorb and customize every form of contemporary music, he has been active for more than twenty years, having played and recorded around the world with great African-American, Italian and European musicians belonging to the areas of jazz, world music and pop, including: Dado Moroni,  Enrico Pieranunzi, Bob Mintzer, Charlie Mariano, Steve Grossmann, Eddie Gomez, Antonio Forcione, James Moody, Tom Harrell, Ira Coleman, Rossana Casale, Marco Pereira, Ivan Segreto, Peppe Servillo, Flavio Boltro, Ares Tavolazzi, Larry Nocella, Randy Brecker, Gloria Gaynor, Fabrizio Bosso, Rosario Giuliani, Furio Di Castri, Emanuele Cisi and many more. After being born and raised musically in Turin, in 2003 he moved to London, where in a short time he established himself as one of the most sought-after musicians in the United Kingdom and began to collaborate with some of the musical icons of British and international jazz such as Jim Mullen, Stan Sulzmann, John Etheridge, Liane Carroll, Ian Shaw, Omar LyeFook and Hamish Stuart (for 10 years alongside Paul McCartney) and other musicians of the last generations such as John Parricelli, Gilad Atzmon, Alex Garnett, Brandon Allen, Quentin Collins, Ross Stanley. He is currently Jazz Drums professor at the 'G. Verdi' Conservatory in Turin.
If Misha Mullov Abbado was not a great musical talent, the entire theoretical framework of genetics would have to be radically revised, since Misha's father is none other than the great and late Claudio Abbado and his mother is Viktoria Mullova, an extraordinary classical violinist. But it is enough to listen to a few notes of his double bass to know that genetics are saved. Misha, double bass player, composer and arranger, lives in London, where he is acclaimed in the main jazz clubs of the city. He holds a master's degree from the Royal Academy of Music and was previously trained at Cambridge University, where he conducted the University Jazz Orchestra. Despite his young age, he has already made numerous European tours that have taken him to prestigious stages such as the Montreux Jazz Festival.
Rob Luft despite his 26 years, has already imposed himself on the attention of the London Jazz scene. A versatile guitarist, he has collaborated with British and international jazz stars such as Dave Holland, Django Bates, Jim Mullen, Nigel Hitchcock and Gareth Lockrane. He is a member of NYJO Nonet, and co-leader of the ensemble Organism, has already released two albums under his own name and is collecting awards in the UK and Europe for best young talent.
Alessandro Chiappetta, guitarist and composer, began playing guitar at the age of nine. He attended the three-year specialization in Jazz at the Conservatory of Turin under the direction of Furio Di Castri and perfected himself with Masters of the caliber of Jim Hall, Scott Henderson, Joe Diorio, Mick Goodrick and John Scofield. He has collaborated with Andrea Aiace Ayassot, Luigi Bonafede, Andrea Allione, Ellade Bandini, Furio Di Castri, Mario Rosini, Fabrizio Bosso, Miroslav Vitous, Paolo Porta, Gianluca Petrella, Roberto Gatto, Quentin Collins, Alex Garnett. In 2010 he released a CD with his quartet, and more recently the CD Four now with Rob Sudduth, Alberto Marsico and Alessandro Minetto.

"... I love this music! Enzo and his great band face a wide spectrum of sound materials with such creativity, taste and soul! A beautiful album..." (Larry Goldings)
"This is a great recording of four outstanding musicians! A unique and varied repertoire beautifully rendered by this special group. Fantastic way of playing the guitar of Rob Loft and Alessandro Chiappetta and an incredible base of different grooves established by Misha Mullov-Abbado on bass and leader Enzo Zirilli on drums. Everyone here plays at the highest level. This is a recording that shows the maturity and adventure of everyone involved!" (Peter Bernstein about Zirobop's second album, "Ten to Late!")

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