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Motus Laevus in Latin has numerous meanings and interpretations: literally translated into reverse movement it can also mean counterclockwise or left motion, even in the positive meaning attributed by the Latins to the East. Everything and the opposite of everything, to underline the fact that words, like music, contain multiple directions and forms, in time and place, a world without borders. In the Motus Laevus project naturally coexist sounds and musical languages of ancient and modern instruments, acoustic and electric, original and traditional songs, in a melting pot where world music approaches contemporary jazz, Slovenian songs and European culture blend with North African and oriental dances, compositions from the East from compound times are mixed with Greek-Turkish Middle Eastern scales. In this motus everything evolves and transforms with each performance of the group. In concert, melody and improvisation find their space within compositions that distance themselves from clichés and synthesize new sound words and musical worlds. In June 2020 their first recording work entitled "Y" was released, distributed internationally by the prestigious world music label Felmay, produced by composers Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi, distributed in Italy by Egea Music, curated in the filming by Raffaele Abbate's Orange Home Records studio and in the mix and mastering by Marco Canepa and Motus Laevus. The Phoenician letter Y represents the unknown, a coordinate, in many cultures it is the letter of the rite, the initiation, graphic representation of man, symbol of elevation to heaven, metaphor with a thousand meanings. The CD "Y" was premiered at the Gezmataz 2020 Jazz Festival in Genoa at "Piazza delle Feste" on the bill with artists of the caliber of Ralph Towner and Rita Marcotulli and soon the formation will be present in various national festivals. It is indicated as Disc of the Month by the prestigious magazine BlogFoolk and well reviewed by the main national newspapers. In November 2020 Motus Laevus are guests of RADIORAI3 in the Piazza Verdi transmission.
Edmondo Romano. Polyphiatist and composer, he has been working since 1990 in experimental, folk, ethnic, world, minimalist musical research, perfecting the use of instruments in different cultures and expressions. He has played and composed numerous film soundtracks (in collaboration with Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi), music poetic readings for Adonis, Fernanda Pivano, Maurizio Maggiani, Don Andrea Gallo, Ugo Volli. He has composed music for theater and television, performing with numerous musicians in Italy, Europe, Asia, South America, sharing stage and recording experience with Vittorio De Scalzi, Mauro Pagani, Mario Arcari, Ares Tavolazzi, Antonio Marangolo, Ingrid Chavez, Yo Yo Mundi, Armando Corsi, Tony Esposito, John Hackett, Vincenzo Zitello, New Trolls, PFM. He has taken part in about 140 recordings with some of the most important ethno-folk, progressive, world labels in Italy with numerous personal projects that obtain excellent international awards: Avarta, Orchestra Bailam, Ancient veil, Eris Pluvia and collaborated with various formations (Le Vijà, Orchestra TradAlp, Picchio dal Pozzo, Finisterre, Charta De Mar, Comunn Mor, Piccola Banda di Cornamuse,  Fabio Zuffanti, Hostsonaten...). He is artistic curator together with Simona Fasano of the Teatro Nudo Company and since 2006 arranger of the Italian music formation of the 20s Luna Quart. He has produced two solo albums: "Sonno Eliso" (2012) and "Missive Archetipe" (2014); the third solo work entitled "Religio" is in progress. In 2017 he released his work on the tradition "Cabit – Unico Figlio" in the rankings on ITunes Italia and recognized among the 10 best Italian world music albums of 2017; in October 2020 "Cabit" is recorded in Istanbul with important Turkish musicians. Between 2019 and 2021 he composes and performs live the music of the shows "Antigone e Le Baccanti" for the Teatro Stabile di Catania.
Tina Omerzo. Slovenian-born pianist, singer and composer, she studied piano at the Koper State Music School with Nadja Zerjal who immediately introduced her – as well as the study of classical music – to that of contemporary improvised music. He graduated in 1992 and later moved to Ljubljana where he continued his studies in jazz piano. After moving to Genoa in 1998, she won a scholarship made available by the European Community that allowed her to perfect her studies of improvisation and jazz composition in Siena. In 2006 she won the First Prize at the emerging Jazz competition in Liguria with the trio "Istralia" which allowed her to record her first CD containing original compositions. In 2008 he won the special jury prize for best performer and musician at MAD. His artistic creativity is influenced by musical experiences ranging from jazz to ethnic and classical music. In his musical career he collaborates among others with Echo Art, Simona Barbera, Roy Paci and Gnawa on the project "Sicily!". In 2010 the project "Druga Sila", which contains his original compositions with texts by Mojca Maljevac, was selected and then produced by the Slovenian Ministry of Culture and received excellent reviews from critics. Discography: "Istralia" (2006), "Intima" (Goga2007), "Druga Sila" (Sanje2010) and "Improvvisamente Giua" (Egea2016).
Luca Falomi. Guitarist and composer, he took his first steps in music at the age of six. Parallel to the academic study of classical guitar, he soon discovered jazz and improvisation and embarked on a path that led him to deepen his knowledge of musical languages and genres. He participates in masterclasses with international artists who suggest a broader vision of music and his instrument. His interest in sound led him to experiment with acoustic, electric and ethnic stringed instruments. His musical activity sees him involved both in the studio and live in projects of different musical genres: jazz, world music, author's music, experimental and contemporary music. In 2011 he released his first album entitled "Viens Voir", followed in 2014 by "Sober", produced in collaboration with Marco Canepa, sound engineer and record producer of great experience, and published by the label Old Mill Records. A composition album characterized by evocative and cinematographic melodies and musical contamination between world music, jazz and avant-garde music. He also gives life to the live project Esperanto, an acoustic trio with double bass player Riccardo Barbera and drummer Rodolfo Cervetto that offers original material combining different musical idioms in a jazz key. As a guitarist, arranger and composer he participates in various recording and live projects, collaborating with: William Naraine, Petra Magoni, Ferruccio Spinetti, Franca Masu, Francesco Baccini, Hannah Scott, Fausto Beccalossi, Alberto Fortis, Lukas Mantel, Giovanni Ceccarelli, Michela Lombardi. At FolkClub, the Motus Laevus, or Tina Omerzo (voice, piano, keyboards), Edmondo Romano (soprano sax, clarinets, chalumeau, whistle, zurne, bagpipes) and Luca Falomi (acoustic guitar, classical, 12 strings).

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