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Damn songwriters!

A tribute not to the cursed songwriters but to the curse of being songwriters; to the fate that has happened to those who lead this life, whether it is by choice, obligation or salvation. For many it is simply the only possible life. Giua and Zibba tell through personal songs and by other authors, a world made of travels, big dreams, human everyday life, joys and imprecations. An intimate dialogue, between lights and shadows, between beauty and curse.
Maria Giua Pierantoni. Songwriter, author and painter, she was born in Rapallo in 1982. Winner of the Lunezia, Castrocaro and Recanati (Musicultura) Awards, of the Mantova Musica Festival and the Festival de Cançó Barnasants in Barcelona and is a finalist at the Sanremo Festival in the Youth category in 2008. She has five albums to her credit: “Giua 2007” and “Giua 2008”, produced by Beppe Quirici and Adele Di Palma; “TrE” of 2012, produced and composed by four hands with the guitarist Armando Corsi; “E improvvisamente” (2016), arranged by Maestro Stefano Cabrera of the Gnu Quartet; “Piovesse sempre così” produced by Maestro Paolo Silvestri, with guests Carla Signoris and, Jaques Morelembaum (2019). She has many theatrical collaborations as music author and performer on stage (Festival dei due mondi in Spoleto, Teatro Stabile di Genova, Teatro della Tosse, Teatro dell'Archivolto) and musical ones (Riccardo Tesi, Fausto Mesolella, Adriana Calcanhotto). Giua recently worked with Neri Marcorè in the show “Quello che non ho”, a three-year tour that sold out in the most prestigious Italian theaters. She has published three children's books for Gallucci Editore together with the poet Pier Mario Giovannone, as author and interpreter of the songs: "Girotondo di elefanti" together with the legendary Banda Osiris, "Piazza Pizza" with the narrating voice of Neri Marcorè and "Ciao ciao caro Babbo Natale” with the voices of the Piccoli Cantori of Milano and with that of Neri Marcorè. She is one of the founders of the Maddalena Popular Choir, a multi-ethnic choir that welcomes the most diverse people by extraction, culture and origin with the aim of promoting integration and social harmony in a particularly lively and problematic neighborhood of Genoa. This project has attracted the attention of the institutions, of important photographers (Ivo Saglietti and Martina Bacigalupo) and of the Burundian director Evrard Niyomwungere who is making a documentary that tells the story. Many live performances that led the choir to perform on important stages and which saw the creation of the disc "Mesciua". With the San Martino hospital in Genoa he has been carrying out the "Parkinsong" project for two years, a choir aimed at people suffering from Parkinson's disease with the aim of improving their quality of life and favoring the reacquisition of certain functions such as the volume and the expressiveness of the voice. She is currently working with Davide Livermore, opera director and director of the National Theater of Genoa, for the realization of "Human Pride", a piece that accompanies the new theater season; she will also write together with Mario Conte the music for the new show "Maria Stuarda", again directed by Davide Livermore, who will see her on stage alongside actresses of the caliber of Elsabetta Pozzi and Laura Marinoni.
Zibba. Singer-songwriter, in 1998 he formed the band Zibba and Almalibre with Andrea Balestrieri. In 2003 he released his first album "The Last Day" which took them to the stage of the Primo Maggio concert in Rome and resulted in several appearances on TV. In 2006 the album "Senza Smettere di Far Rumore" was released which led Zibba and Almalibre to duet with Tonino Carotone in the radio hit "Margherita", as well as treading the stages of all of Italy in a perpetual tour alongside great artists. In 2010 "Una Cura per il Freddo" was released. Revelation of the year, the band is invited to the Tenco 2010 Award. The album receives enthusiastic reviews from all the industry magazines, critics and professionals. Chosen as the band of the Sanremo 2010 post-festival, Zibba and Almalibre also stand out on the small screen. Some songs are chosen for the services of the program "Mi Manda Rai Tre", for Tg1 and in February 2011 they are guests of Serena Dandini as a band of the Rai3 program "Parla con me". They publish a version of the song "Una parola, illumina" with the participation of Bunna (leader of the Africa Unite), the very short song "Ordine e gioia" with the voice of Maurizio Lastrico (Zelig), which became a Christmas break for many radios, and in the September 2011 the song "Una parte di te", with the participation of Federico Zampaglione of Tiromancino. The band takes part with an unreleased track on the double disc "La leva cantautorale degli anni zero" (ClubTenco, Mei) and Zibba reinterprets the song by Tenco "Cara maestra" for the compilation "Sulle labbra di un altro", alongside many big names in Italian pop music. At the same time as working with the Almalibre, Zibba began collaborating with other artists and participating in other projects. In February 2011 the first theatrical show with the music of Zibba debuted, "Comedian blues", interpreted by the comic group of Turbolenti (Colorado) and written by Lazzaro Calcagno and Matteo Monforte, with whom he also collaborates for the music of a second show, “Camilla”, which debuts in October 2011. Zibba reaches the general public thanks to the Critics' Award at the 2014 Sanremo Festival with the song “Senza di te”. He wins some of the most prestigious prizes of Italian music such as the Targa Tenco for the Best Album ("Like the sound of footsteps on the snow" - 2012), the "inediTo" prize of the Turin international book fair, the Bindi Prize and the 'Artist who wasn't there in 2011, the On Stage Awards in 2015 and many other awards from the independent and songwriter world. As an author he signs songs for Eugenio Finardi (his "Passerà" contained in the album "Sessanta"), Cristiano De Andrè, Patty Pravo, Michele Bravi, Emma, ​​Zero Assoluto, Max Pezzali, Moreno, Marco Masini, Raige, Elodie, and collaborates with artists such as Jack Savoretti, Jovanotti, Tiziano Ferro, Wrong On You, Annalisa, Bluebeaters, Fiorella Mannoia, Alex Britti, Negramaro, Bunna, Roy Paci, Nicolò Fabi, Tiromancino, Mirko Casadei and many others. Author of a collection of dialogues entitled "Me l’ha detto Frank Zappa", which later became a theatrical show directed by Sergio Sgrilli, he is also an actor in the first season of the theatrical show inspired by the world of Fabrizio De Andrè “All’ombra dell’ultimo sole'. Producer and artistic producer, he collaborates with several labels in the independent world. Since 2017 he has been artistic director of the Bindi Prize. He publishes biographies of performing artists for major publishers.

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