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A trio that mixes and interprets ideas, cultures, sounds and rhythms of their places of origin: Italy, Brazil and Argentina. An eminently acoustic sound where the accordeon, guitar and acoustic bass return with the strength and personality of the individual performers the vibrations of popular culture with the most elegant air of jazz. The recently established trio is made up of artists who in various capacities have trod the main stages in the most prestigious festivals around the world, suffice it to mention collaborations with Al di Meola, Mercedes Sosa, Juan Carlos Caceres, Jairo, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava, Franco Ambrosetti, Randy Brecker, Rita Marcotulli, Jaques Morelembaum. An ensemble full of artistic ideas and different musical colors, which does not fail to amaze also for the intense interplay, the indispensable feeling inside the trio, and for the energy that it manages to convey to the public with each note. Italy, Argentina, Brazil, three musical traditions strongly identifying and at the same time deeply interconnected, for centuries.
"One of the greatest lessons I learned from staying in South America is that singular and plural are not antithetical terms, rather they seem to be like oxygen and hydrogen to water. Tres Mundos testifies to the meeting of three wonderful artists who measure themselves with depth and simplicity, with the desire to put his plural being back at the center of music, his natural propensity to 'get together', to make us 'feel together', worlds and ways that mix with each other, coming to constitute a single music, made up of many music that merge and merge, losing their original meaning, indissolubly binding together, simply creating Humanity. Carlos, Fausto and Roberto provide us with perhaps unscientific proof, but certainly poetic - and therefore valid for me in all respects! - that identities are created not by subtraction, but by addition." (Gabriele Mirabassi).
Roberto Taufic. Born in Honduras in 1966, of Palestinian origin on his mother's side, he moved to Brazil at the age of five. At the age of 15 he participated in various festivals in various popular music groups and from the age of 17 he worked as a session player in his hometown. In 1990 he arrives in Italy and collaborates with various artists. In 1995 he moved to Piedmont and released De cabo a rabo, a CD with the Brazilian cellist Jaques Morelembaum as special guest. In the following years he collaborated live or in the studio with artists from various musical backgrounds such as Barbara Casini, Elza Soares, Sergio Cammariere, Guinga, Enrico Rava, Gabriele Mirabassi, Maria Pia de Vito, Rita Marcotulli, Fabrizio Bosso, Rosario Bonaccorso, Gianmaria Testa , Miroslav Vitous, Patrizia Laquidara, Meg and others. In 2003 he published Real Picture, his first instrumental record. Two other records of particular importance are Um abraço with Giancarlo Maurino and Jogo de cordas with Luigi Tessarollo. As an arranger, he has made several record works for Brazilian artists residing in Italy and for European artists. In 2009, with the singer Rosa Martirano, he opened the concerts of George Benson, Noa and Mira Awad and was invited to the GuitarMasters in Germany, sharing the stage with six-string masters such as Larry Coryell, Ralph Towner and Fareed Haque. In 2010 he released Eles & Eu, his first solo guitar CD (premiered at  FolkClub on 9 October 2010). In 2011 he records Bate Rebate, CD of the Duo Taufic (with his brother Eduardo), with artistic production by composer and pianist André Mehmari. In 2014 he released Um Brasil Diferente with Gabriele Mirabassi and Atlanticos with guitarist Ricardo Silveira. In 2015 two other discs are released: Todas as cores with the Duo Taufic (proposed on FolkClub stage on April 9, 2015) and Viaggiando with the Rosario Bonaccorso's quartet, Fabrizio Bosso and Javier Girotto. In 2016 he released Terras, Duo Taufic's CD in collaboration with Barbara Casini.
Fausto Beccalossi. He began studying the chromatic accordion with the classical style at a very young age at the State Conservatory of Brescia, subsequently deepening the issues inherent in the development of jazz improvisation. He is currently unanimously considered one of the greatest national and international specialists of his instrument. During a SienaJazz '94 seminar, he is noticed by Enrico Rava, who selects him for a workshop with the group of the best students of the Sienese course. In 1999 he began to collaborate with Gianluigi Trovesi's nonet. In addition to his intense concert activity, he also records numerous CDs of pop music. In 2002 he was called to Buenos Aires by Lito Epumer, an Argentine guitarist who boasts great collaborations worldwide, to record the CD Nehuen with his quartet. Among the artists he has worked with we mention Wheeler, Gibellini, Mirabassi, Pietropaoli, Fresu, Negri, M.P De Vito and Al Di Meola. Fausto Beccalossi has been one of the pillars of the Californian guitarist Al Di Meola's World Simphony quintet for six years and his creative vigor also emerges strongly in the latest recording Pursuit of Radical Rapsody, recorded in Miami with a cast including Gonzalo Rubalbaca, Charlie Haden, Mino Cinelu and Peter Erskine. The group then performed extensively in the major festivals of the jazz and ethno-jazz scene at an international level, from Japan to Canada, from the United States to Northern Europe. In 2013 he released My time, his first CD for solo accordéon.
Carlos 'El Tero' Buschini, bassist and composer, was born in Despeñaderos, in the province of Cordoba, Argentina. He studied classical guitar from the age of eleven and began his career as a musician at a very young age, as a guitarist and bombo player in the folk groups of his region. He participates in international tours in Latin America and Europe with different groups. His musical training continues in La Comena, in Cordoba, at the CPM in Milan and at AIMRA in Lyon, France. He also follows numerous workshops under the guidance of Franco d'Andrea, Attilio Zanchi, Alain Caron, M. Stanchev and Joe Santiago. In 1989 he settled permanently in Italy and soon established himself on the European scene, collaborating with Argentine, Italian and French artists, including: Mercedes Sosa, Raul Carnota, Jairo, Julien Lourau, Bojan Zulfikarpasic, Magik Malik, Miguel Anga Diaz, Paolo Fresu , Luis Agudo, Minino Garay, Javier Girotto, Antonello Salis, Tiziana Ghiglione, Phil Drummy, Olivier Ker Ourio, Laurent De Wild, Daniel Mille, Nicola Stilo, Nicolas Folmer, Krassen Lutzkanov, Gustavo Ovalles, Daniele di Buenaventura, Daniel Garcia, Raul carnota, Jairo, Baptiste Trotignon, Barbara Casini, Coba, Tomas Gudbitch, Juanjo Mosalini, Leo Gullotta, Massimo Popolizio, Hugo Fattoruso, Olivier Manoury, Sergio Gruz, Lalo Zanelli (Gotan Projetc), Los Tambores del Sur, Solis String Quartet and many others.
Carlos also plays with Japanese musicians including Aska Kaneko, Tomohiro Yahiro, Kana Hiamatsu and Coba with whom he participates in tours in Japan and Europe. Currently he plays in different formations in addition to the Madre Tierra trio: Cordoba Reunion (with Javier Girotto, Gerardo Di Giusto and Minino Garay), Gaia Cuatro (with Gerardo di Giusto, Aska Kaneko and Tomohiro Yahiro), Cuarteto Rosamonte (with Gabriel Perez, Leandro Guffanti , Martin Bruhn), Sin Fronteras (with the Uruguayan singer Ana Karina Rossi, F. Beccalossi, M. Bruhn, N. Mangalavite, M. Garay, J. Girotto) and Jazziro (with Jairo, Baptiste Trotignon and Minino Garay).