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Young under 30: 15€ (discount rules)


Price: 6.00€

FolkClub has equipped itself with an air purification system with European certifications of the highest level: the NIVEUS NV100 by NETCO; a machine guaranteed for the air purification of an area of ​​120 square meters (the club room is 100 square meters) from any pathogen, virus, allergen, bacteria and micro-dust in suspension, thanks to a high grade U15 ULPA filter density that blocks harmful particles, a UV-C ray sterilization chamber that sterilizes all microorganisms and an activated carbon filter that further purifies the air before re-introducing it into the environment. Several tests performed on NETCO's NIVEUS NV100 in Italian and European laboratories have confirmed and documented its remarkable purification performance and compliance with the highest quality and safety standards.
At FolkClub you can listen to Music in complete tranquillity!


WE4 is the new exciting work of the Fabrizio Bosso quartet. Made immediately after the forced confinement due to the coronavirus epidemic, WE4 brings with it the awareness of the value of making music together and how this can become a project of profound sharing, which then continues beyond the stage. In the double live "State of The Art", published in 2017, Fabrizio Bosso told the state of the art of his music, considering it to all intents and purposes the beginning of a new journey with three extraordinary travel companions: Julian Oliver Mazzariello, Jacopo Ferrazza, Nicola Angelucci. After countless concerts around the world and years of continuous confrontation, WE4 is therefore the complete representation, in sound, interplay and composition, of total sharing. In the new repertoire, in fact, there are original pieces written specifically by each for this formation, a 4-hand composition by Fabrizio Bosso and Julian Oliver Mazzariello and two pieces that bear the signature of all four.