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Andrea Parodi 'Zabala'

Andrea Parodi is a dream killer. Who hasn't dreamed of making songs and, if anything, recording a record with David Bromberg, David Grissom, Joe Ely, Ryan Bingham, James McMurtry, Larry Campbell? And maybe indulge in a Scarlet Rivera playing the violin? As evidence of how music improves our lives, shortens distances, creates empathies and brings like-minded souls closer, Andrea went further. He, who writes and sings in Italian with his De Andrè and De Gregori, eternal at heart. And now the music is beautiful, the words are right and old dreams are confused with new ones". (Carlo Feltrinelli)
Andrea Parodi has linked a journey to each of his records: for his debut in 2002 with Le Piscine di Fecchio, a self-produced album under the guidance of Bocephus King, he flies to Vancouver, Canada, where he will return in 2007 to record Soldati with Claudio Lolli , Luigi De Gregori, The Gang and The Be Good Tanyas. Two years later, America is finally calling him and his third album Chupadero is born in Santa Fè, with the Barnetti Bros Band, Massimo Bubola, Max Larocca and Jono Manson. The historic Buscadero magazine will elect it Italian record of the year. In the meantime, Andrea didn't get lost, he didn't stop. He attended SXSW in Austin for six years, was the first and only Italian on the bill at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Okemah, Oklahoma and - twice - shared the Asbury Park stage with Bruce Springsteen at the Light of Day in New Jersey. In short, he played, traveled, met those masters with whom he had learned to dream and to compose, whose first records he had bought as a boy. Amazing musicians, sparkling names in the panorama of the best American, sparkling like the endless Texas sunsets. On the disc, the guitars are David Immerglück of Counting Crows, David Bromberg, Larry Campbell, for years in the service of Bob Dylan and David Grissom, who forges the sound of this record as he did in the past with Joe Ely and John Mellencamp. A sound made up of guitars and a solid rhythm section led by Brennan Temple on drums. Production is entrusted to Joel Guzman, one of the greatest accordionists in the world, capable of transporting the listener to Mexico with a few notes. On the violin are Carrie Rodriguez, Tim Lorsch, Steve Wyckham of the Waterboys and Scarlet Rivera, the Queen of Swords from Bob Dylan's Hurricane. A stellar cast of musicians for a record that smells of Texas and Mexico, of folk and rock, in the best American tradition. Pedal steel, mandolin, piano, hammond organ, a beautiful rock dress for Andrea Parodi's 'Zabala' record in Italian. There is only one song in English (Where the Wild Horses Run) sung by Joe Ely, James McMurtry, Greg Brown, Sarah Lee Guthrie and Academy Award winner Ryan Bingham. Extraordinary musicians with whom Andrea has forged a friendship and intertwined kilometers and in the meantime he got married to Elena on Joe Ely's ranch, under a centuries-old Indian oak tree wrapped in colored lights. It was JT, the son of Townes Van Zandt, who celebrated the union. Andrea Parodi 'Zabala' contains and tells all this. The twelve songs that compose it had remained closed in a drawer, but from there they throbbed until they were felt strong, just as the whole world was silent. So Andrea made them resurface, along with memories. Where does Italy end and where does America begin? It is difficult to distinguish the border in this record which also has its roots in the two cultures and in both cultures it shows distinctly, even in the thousand shades, sounds, colors, flavors. Yes, the flavors. Andrea loves to cook for his friends and has managed to put guests at the same table that no Italian singer-songwriter had ever managed to gather together. On the other hand, he was able to practice for fifteen years as artistic director of the Townes Van Zandt Festival in Figino Serenza which he himself, together with JT, inaugurated in 2004. All the extraordinary musicians he met along the way converged on this record. Thus, the symposium between two universes, Italy and America, becomes a Babette's Lunch, with places, stories and tools that combine despite geographical distances. Andrea Parodi 'Zabala' is a 7-year journey that begins right from the cover, a photograph taken by one of the musicians on the record, Radoslav Lorkovic, which portrays Highway 6, east of Tonopah, Nevada. A real invitation On The Road and, like Kerouac's novel, it is a love story with the road and with freedom. Each piece is a small film with a well-defined stylistic brand that aims at staging the enormously large within an intimate and secluded story, now stretched out in a long shot, now placed in a close-up. Cinematic and narrative elements that flow over a songwriting script that we haven't heard in Italy since the days of De André and De Gregori, which embroider our imagination, leading us to travel. A journey that starts from the seasons of Happy New Year Brother to stop in the middle of the journey in the desert Far West of Billy The Kid in Where the Wild Horses Run, finding himself flying with the liberating refrain "where the horses run", transported straight on a set by John Ford. Buscadero magazine elected Andrea Parodi 'Zabala' Best Record of 2021; Thom Chacon ended up on the magazine cover for the second time for his new -amazing- album Marigolds and Ghosts. To present his album at FolkClub (who has been working closely with Andrea for 12 years in the construction of the Buscadero Nights festival) Parodi has put together a truly extraordinary group of musicians. Together with him and Thom Chacon (vocals and guitar), a true parterre-de-roi: the violinist of Rolling Thunder Revue and Dylan's Desire album, Scarlet Rivera, the golden boy Alex 'Kid' Gariazzo on vocals and guitars, the fascinating Angie on bass  and Riccardo Maccabruni's accordion.
A memorable, unmissable evening; a great Music Festival, at the end of a difficult season for everyone, to project all together, confident and enthusiastic, towards the future.