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At the moment, only those who have a reservation will be able to enter the room and take a seat starting from 8.30pm. Those who do not have a reservation will have to wait for the minutes immediately before the start of the concert. For those who do not have a reservation, we will draw up a waiting list in chronological order of arrival at the entrance, starting from 8.30pm. In any case, all reservations expire at 9.25pm ​​and reserved but unoccupied seats are released. From that moment on, anyone with a standing room reservation will be able to sit. We will then evaluate whether and how many people who have not booked can enter the room, following the order of the waiting list drawn up at the entrance.

NB: Booked seats will NOT be pre-assigned (as usually happens). For this concert the rule "First come, first serve!" applies.

Pasquale Innarella: tenor and soprano sax
Ettore Carucci: piano
Stefano Cantarano: doublebass
Lucrezio de Seta: drum
The quartet offers songs by Pasquale Innarella, a jazz genius, considered among the ten best Italian saxophonists and appreciated throughout Europe, and represent a journey along the history of jazz in recent decades. Songs and free jazz coexist in the repertoire and all the material proposed is filtered by the "material" sound of the leader's tenor sax and the enthralling timbral palette of his mates.

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