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Tablao d’autore

The Tablao d'autore (Author's tablao) review, created in 2004 by Arte y Flamenco, is dedicated to that particular form of show that includes solo performances or in very small groups of big names in Flamenco, in contexts other than the big theater. The idea was - and remains - to present the three fundamental elements of Flamenco, the toque (the guitar), the cante (the song) and the baile (the dance), in particular spaces, offering authentic performances to aficionados, 'pure', precisely because they are free of all those necessary superstructures when, on the other hand, big theartes are treaded. The constantly growing event led in 2009 to the creation of a biennial International Festival / Concurso - Flamenco Puro, now held in Jerez de la Frontera - and in 2013 to the organization of a new "young" version of the review, entitled Tablao d'autore - Nuevas Generaciones; in 2016 the new CompartirTablao review was born, which starting from this 2022/2023 season will also be organized in collaboration with Folkclub. An author's tablao, the original of all the projects, initially proposed in biennial form and always organized in collaboration with Folkclub, which since the very beginning has believed in AYF's projects regarding Flamenco, is one of the most prestigious flamenco events proposed in Italy, as it brings together different artists on stage, virtuosos of baile, toque and cante who, each excelling in their own discipline, have the ability to create a balance of rare level on the tablao. With the desire to continue in the consolidated collaboration, AYF & Folkclub decide today to propose each Season this particular evening, highly anticipated by Flamenco enthusiasts as well as by the curious. In this 2023 edition we want to offer our audience 3 excellences, baile, cante and toque. At the baile we will have the honor of hosting Alfonso Losa, consecrated artist of Flamenco, who has trod the most prestigious world stages. Bailaor and choreographer from Madrid, an artist with an antiguous flavor characterized by a peculiar power and an impeccable technique finely amalgamated by a rhythmic taste of the highest level, Losa is virtuoso del baile in all its aspects; Impeccable and unattainable in the technique of zapateado, he is considered one of the most important artists of the contemporary flamenco scene. Alfonso presents us with a traditional and pure flamenco, where, however, there is an extremely personal vein, characteristic of today's great figures. On Folkclub tablas will alternate individual bailes and moments of singing and music with the contribution in this edition of two great musicos: at the cante a wonderful novelty, Jose Valencia, unique voice, artist that AYF and FolkClub have been chasing for some time, cantaor of power and unparalleled fiamencura, which accompanies exclusively the most prestigious figures of the current flamenco scene; to the toque a requested and awaited return, Juan Requena, powerful guitarist and at the same time of a rare elegance and refinement, eclectic and therefore among the most expert in the accompaniment of flamenco in tablao as in great theatrical productions. Hosting these 3 figures of Flamenco, of which among the fans we speak with admiration and respect, for the technical skills, the artistic generosity and the impeccable flamenco, honors us and excites us right now. Tablao d'autore is -and wants to remain- a window on the most genuine form of representing flamenco, and this format in a perfect fusion between "history" and personal notes, manages to tell his flamenco with truth, without filters, making us feel privileged to be able to host it among us, and be able to "breathe" it closely. It promises to be a great evening, not to be missed, as always at Folkclub, where the quality of the proposals is so high and full of truth.

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