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Luigi Cinque, musician, made his debut at a very young age with the Canzoniere Del Lazio, researcher and author of Kunsertu, one of the most important ethnomusicology essays in Italy, and then again, cultural organizer, contemporary poet, film and documentary director. Hyperduet is the evolution of Hypertext O'rchestra, an ensemble with a variable lineup with great international soloists capable in the same concert to pass from contemporary classical music to traditional ethnic music, jazz, rock, new technoacoustic expressions, theater, to dance, to the poetic word, to the Mediterranean cunto. Almost always playing ahead and surprising the listener, Luigi Cinque instrumentalist, composer and director is considered one of the greatest innovators of the new Mediterranean music between tradition, ethno jazz and new electro-acoustic rhythmic grammars. Over the years, the Hypertext O’rchestra has created major events and concerts that are significant from both a musical and a political point of view, in this case in the role of international ambassador of peace and solidarity. Among others, Moscow Bolshoi Theater, Rome I concerti di Santo Stefano per la pace, Nairobi, Sana in Yemen, where he inaugurated with the Yemeni National Orchestra the year of Arab Culture 2008, tour in Pakistan with the qawali group of Fateh Ali Kan and the Fuzon, in Armenia with Jivan Gasparyan, Tokyo, Tripoli with the Libyan Traditional Orchestra for the reconciliation concert after the war of 2011, Rio de Janeiro 2013 and 2014, Bogota and Medellin and Caracas World Poetry Festival, Berlin, Osaka ...
The music it expresses has been defined by international critics as transgenic in the sense: ...of a continuous overcoming of borders, styles and languages ​​[...] the soundscape that the listener / spectator finds in the concerts of H. O 'with wisdom decade of Luigi Cinque as mixer and teacher ends up being a regenerative experience with strong rhythm and entertainment every time: great soloists, electronic, jazz, ethnic and contemporary fused for a new liquid and popular music ... The songs - and therefore the melodies - as containers of knowledge or fragments of the myth; myth as an exchange value between the cultures of the world.
Alexander Balanescu. Born in Romania, he is one of the most visionary composers and violinists of our time. As leader of the Balanescu Quartet, founded in 1987, he was instrumental in transforming the string quartet from a classical unit to something contemporary. In his career he has also collaborated with the world of dance and artists such as Pina Bausch, Meryl Tankard, Jochen Ulrich, Virgilio Sieni; in the theater, with Pippo Delbono, Matthew Dunster (Royal Shakespeare Company, The Globe Theater), Chiara Guidi (Compagnia Raffaello Sanzio); twice received the Gopo Prize for best soundtrack, in 2007 for How I Spent the End of the World (directed by Catalin Mitulescu) and in 2016 for The Magic Mountain (directed by Anca Damian) and the FIPA prize for The Scandalous Lady W (directed by Sheree Folkson, BBC films). Balanescu has always rejected the distinctions between genres, collaborating with artists from different backgrounds, including Michael Nyman, Gavin Bryars, David Byrne, Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys, Jack De Johnette, Ornette Coleman, John Surman, Goldfrapp, Depeche Mode and Grace Jones. His first opera, Treibgut / Flotsam, a co-production between Internationales Donaufest and Theater Ulm, was staged in July 2016. Alum originals such as Possessed, Luminitza, Angels and Insects, Maria T, An Introduction to the Balanescu Quartet were published by MUTE records. Balanescu recently signed a record deal with UNIVERSAL records. Other releases include the tribute to Yellow Magic Orchestra, East meets East (Con-Sipio), the soundtrack of the film Il Partigiano Johnny (Virgin, Italy), The Island with Ada Milea (Blue Kapibara), and his collaboration with the project electronic Lume, Lume (Staubgold). He appears in Carla Bley's project, Big Bang Theory, along with guests such as Goldfrapp, Gianna Nanini, Malika, To Rococo Rot, Stateless, Spiritualized, Rabih Abou Khalil, The Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Kate Bush and Grace Jones. The Hyperduet show includes, in addition to the original repertoire of Luigi Cinque, music by Coltrane, Cage, Maderna, Monteverdi, popular and rock, jazz and ethno jazz songs as well as stories and readings. At FolkClub for the first time, Luigi Cinque (saxophones, clarinets, keyboards, live electronics and vocals) and Alexander Balanescu (violin).