Buscadero Nights presents: KASSI VALAZZA (USA)


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The new American honey and velvet voice

Kassi Valazza is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and incisive voices of the new generation of overseas songwriters. The new American scene is increasingly taking an old-style turn, with references to the outlawed country of Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. Young songwriters like Colter Wall and Chris Stapleton have started riding this school, now it's time for female voices and one of the most talented comes from Portland, Oregon. Red hair, green eyes, Indian stone jewelry, vintage shirts and cowboy boots and songs inspired by his training phase in Arizona, with its huge and wild expanses. The dark stories of the more remote West are combined with a subtle balance of melancholy country and psychedelia. The debut album Dear Dead Days, released in 2019, received enthusiastic reviews and criticisms and now, for the first time, Kassi offers himself live to the Italian public. Kassi's voice is viscous and golden, she twists and turns in your head like a whiskey in a small glass: fluffy and intoxicating. For most of Dear Dead Day pedal steel and electric guitar run in time with the rhythm section thundering from a deep dimension, to the point that the frequencies seem to penetrate the listener's flesh and the songs bounce into the bones, with its lyrics. allegorical and corrosive at the same time, as is already evident in Cayuse, the opening track of the disc:… because they are tough creatures that run and surrender with wild eyes / kicking everything they can find ".
Kassi's vocal approach has the slow pace typical of Southwestern countries, where slowness is a defense against heat. In this almost lunar and desert world, the characters of his songs move: cheaters, tramps, abandoned lovers. His stories portray dark Western plots and a longing for home, as the music rides a thin line of country western. Features that add a visionary component to the musical and poetic suggestions, as if we were in front of paintings with a desert in the background with its immense spaces, colored walls of the canyon at sunset, infinite views of the sky ...
On these images so well outlined, Kassi is able to masterfully outline the variegated universe of humanity that he tells, made up of marginal and marginalized profiles compared to an increasingly globalized world, but which - precisely from those margins - manages to illuminate our entire universe. , providing an irreplaceable vital boost to our innate drive for freedom. Freedom that can sometimes cost you dearly, but which is always comforting with its scent of roots and eternity.