Entrance: 25.00€
Young under 30: 13€ (discount rules)
Seating still available: 29


Price: 6.00€


For our usual Christmas Party, the last concert of this weird 2020, an eclectic quartet led by Alex 'Kid' Gariazzo, guitarist and singer of the Treves Blues Band, producer, author and accompanist of American artists who are FolkClub's great friends -Michael McDermott, Bocephus King, Jono Manson and Doug Seegers- arrives on our stage in the company of three excellent multi-instrumentalists: Michele Guaglio (bass, backing vocals, guitar and footdrum), Roberto Bongianino (accordion, guitar, sitar and backing vocals) and Marco 'Benz' Gentile (violin , mandolin and choirs).
The repertoire will be composed entirely of John Lennon's music, both with the Beatles and as a soloist, to commemorate the greatness of his art in the year in which he would have turned 80 and 40 years after that terrible 8 December 1980. An elegant and evocative concert , between folk, soul, country and refined orchestral arrangements. As always for our Christmas evening, we will be able to count on the presence of illustrious guests that we will announce as the date approaches.